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What we can do...



Whole Hearted Productions uses high quality digital soundboards for live events that have the capability to also create multi-track recordings (up to 32 simultaneous channels).   These individual tracks can be taken back to the studio, edited (if necessary), remixed, and even overdubbed, capturing the live vibe in the process.



Using those same soundboards with high quality preamps in combination with professional studio condenser microphones and multiple monitoring channels, WHP can also record at your location.  This can be very effective if your band is already set up at your location or even if you are unable to get away from your house long enough for an effective recording session (for whatever reason).  Have your own audio interface?  We can now utilize the remote recording features of Cubase 8 Pro  and VST Connect Pro to remotely record both Audio and MIDI with you at your end and the actual session being run from this end.  The software necessary to do this is free for you to use.



If you do get the chance to come to the studios of Whole Hearted Productions, you will be able to utilize our RME Fireface UFX audio interface with some of the best preamps in the industry.  Regardless of where you end up recording with us, we wil be able to provide latency free monitoring with the possibility of EQ, compression, and effects on every input channel and individual monitor mixes for every musician.

Additional Tracks

With our high quality hardware and software synths, we can add additional tracks to your recording to fill it out should you so desire.  With our network of other musicans associated with WHP, we may be able to add other tracks to your recording as well.


Whole Hearted Productions has the capabilty to combine our audio expertise with Video production, both in editing as well as in video capture utilizing our Canon XA20 professional digital video camera.  We also have wireless and directional boom mic optiions for audio catpture as well as  multiple hooded light trees and even green, white and black screens available.  Do you have video that has less than ideal audio tracks?  We can also assist you by making the audio sound much more like you want it to sound.  And if you have already shot your video but are looking for someone to edit it together and adjust the audio, we can assist with that as well.

16 Channel multitrack recording a multi-church youth event
Remotely recording RuwA
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Studio Work

Whether we help you record the tracks or you record the tracks, there is much more to a professional recording than just tracking (although recording excellence is always the best place to start!).  Whole Hearted Productions is here to assist you in taking your production to another level of excellence.

Audio Restoration

WHP is also capable of Audio Restoration by effectively using some of the most capable tools in the industry such as Izotope’s RX5 Advanced, and Ozone 7 Advanced.  We can fix a variety of pops, clicks, clips, background noises, bad EQ’s, room anomalies (especially useful with many videos), etc.  While it may not be possible to create an ideally recorded track, we can make it sound substantially more tolerable and usually quite usable.   We can even lift the sound off of a video and replace it with fully corrected and mixed audio.  Want a cassette tape turned into a clean sounding CD?  We can do that as well.  Finally, we can edit your video's audio and make it much more usable, even after your video has been fully edited together.


Ever wondered how professional recordings sound flawless... but yours don't?  It helps to have professional studio musicians who are nearly flawless in their playing in the first place, but even they are recorded multiple times, and the best pieces of their many takes are selected (called comping).  Then those tracks often receive additional editing (mostly to correct timing issues and to remove any glitches that need to go away).  The same is done for vocal tracks and they are often tuned as well.  Using high quality, very powerful software combined wih our expertise, WHP can assist you with all of these processes.


Once all of the pieces are in place, it is time to put them all together.  Using some of the best software Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) and plugins in the industry combined with years of experience, we will craft a mix that makes your music truly come to life.  And since the acoustics of the mixing environment are critical to the final result, we have acoutically treated our studio and also use some of the best headphones in the industry to double check your mix so that it will sound great no matter what environment you play it back in.


Mastering is the final step in the music producton process.  While each track can be mastered one at a time, usually mastering is used when an entire album of tracks are ready for either digital or CD release.  Besides removing any anomalies that may have been a result of the mixing environment, mastering makes your songs sound excellent in any environment in which they are played back.  In addition, when mastering an entire album, all of the tracks are mastered individually to sound like they are all together... "loudness" and EQ are adjusted for each song with a careful emphasis to ensure the vocal line is consistent throughout the entire album.  To hear what is possible through the art of mastering, compare Steve Pakratz's unmastered "Break" instrumental on the home page of this website with the mastered version.  While that is extreme, mastering can make any mix sound better.  Trent has been trained by one of the world's best Mastering artists by successfully completing the Audio Mastering Techniques course at the Berklee College of Music.

How Much will it cost?

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Whole Hearted Productions has very competitive rates.  But since pricing can get complicated, and every project is different, we encourage you to contact us with your vision and we will put together a custom package just for you.

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The acoustical treatment of the studio enables very accurate monitoring facilitating much better mixing and mastering.  Not seen are the subwoofer, basstraps and diffusor that are also part of the sound in the studio.

Audio Restoration (including Video Audio)

Single Track



Whole Album (same settings for all tracks)


Audio Restoration (surgical repairs)



For 3 or more tracks, includes sequencing and production of a DDP (CD master for Duplication) and Digital Album in one additional format (Wave, FLAC, MP3, etc.)






Additional Mastered File Formats


Stem Charge

First "stem" is included in mastering charge


Live Concert Multi-Track Recording

WHP asked to edit and mix tracks

Editing and mixing charges will apply



Raw Tracks to be edited and mixed elsewhere Includes thumb drive



Studio Setup Fee

Remote Setup Fee

Mileage Charge (more than 30 miles)





Hourly Tracking Rate

Additonal expense may be incurred if it is necessary to rent micrphones


Mixing and Editing

Contact us for pricing information for your project