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Creative Outreach Opportunities


Since Trent was in college, he has had a desire to use technology and the coordination and mentorship of local Christian artists and ministries to reach out to the community through a variety of local events where the people live.


Now, 20 years later, God has provided the resources necessary to see this dream become a reality.  We are looking forward to serving you!


Whole Hearted Productions provided sound and lights for the Illuminate Youth Conference in Tucson AZ.

Community Events

Working with organizations like 4Tucson and Worship Catalyst, we want to partner with local Christian bands and local “sponsoring” churches (that may or may not be where the band was from), rent a city park or utilize church property to conduct more than just a concert, but rather, an event. This might include jumping castles for kids, free food, and other resources the sponsoring church (or group of churches) might be able to provide. While the band is not playing, clean Christian music appropriate to the event would be played over the speaker system. 

Whole Hearted Productions provided the sound for a RuwA concert held at the Sierra Vista Mall.

What we can do for you

For Bands:

We can provide a full sound system with a 32 channel digital soundboard, mains, monitors, mics and cables.  We can also provide a full light system with automation. 

For Churches:

Besides equipping any bands or other artists at your event wherever you choose to hold it, we can also support you by broadcasting high quality sounding Christian music tailored to your event (to include Christian dances) or provide specialized lighting for your one time event.

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What is expected from Sponsoring Churches?

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Great events are a labor of love!

Prayer!  This is all about Jesus… without Him, we are only wasting our time.  We ask that supporting churches not just talk about the importance of prayer, but actually schedule times for their body to come together and ask for God’s blessing, provision and guidance for these events.

Commitment.  Once an event is scheduled, remember that this is not a “fire and forget” mission.  Sponsoring churches should treat this as a significant event, worthy of their time and resources.

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Planning.  Picking a date and a location is just the beginning!  Churches should consider coordinating with other churches, determine what the afternoon should look like, find and procure any additional resources necessary and organize volunteers to ensure a successful outreach to the community.


Advertising.  There is nothing like pouring your heart and soul into an event and then wondering where everyone is on the big day.  We encourage you to utilize door hangers, mailings, radio stations (both Christian and non-Christian), and invite other churches as well.  Post flyers in local businesses (as allowed), and consider posting signs on local telephone posts

Participate.  While the event is not intended to only minister to Christians, sometimes having a “critical mass” is necessary to give the event some legitimacy to the community.  In addition, you should strive to get as much of your congregation involved in serving at the event as possible.

Follow-up.  It doesn’t do much good to have an outreach event if you don’t take care of the fruit you just picked!  Your church should implement a method in the day’s activities to acquire contact info for interested individuals so that you can follow-up and answer any questions, meet needs, invite people to your church, and disciple them.

How Much will it cost?

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Whole Hearted Productions is committed to doing everything we do to the glory of God.  With that in mind, we use some of the best sounding speakers on the market and powerful digital soundboards to make you sound your best.   We recognize that all churches are created differently and some of the churches with the biggest heart for ministry have the fewest resources; we will keep that in mind when working with you.  Please give us a call and let us work with you to create an excellent event that you can afford.

Full Concert Sound System

Includes mixer, speakers, monitors, snake, mics, cables, stands, labor, etc.  Additional addons may cost more depending upon size of event


+$25/event hr

Full DJ System Setup

Speakers, small mixer, 1-2 Mics-- actual price dependent upon size of event


+$25/event hr

Full Concert Lighting Services

Price can be lowered with fewer lights


+$25/event hr

Mileage Charge (more than 30 miles)


(one way)