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Church Sound Systems


Whole Hearted Productions has a passion to help your sound system be used to draw people to Jesus, and not chase them away!  If your sound system is less than optimal, please contact us.  We can often seriously improve your system without having to buy any new equipment.  Even some realtively newly installed systems can sometimes benefit from some additional tuning.  Other systems degrade over the years either mechanically or at the hands of well-intentioned volunteers.  We want to help you move in the right direction again.  We look forward to wrking with you!


While the "Dsco Smile" EQ curve does not fix everything, sometimes the resulting curve that "works" resembles one.  This system was poorly EQ'd (before we found it), had a broken output on the soundboard, and a broken amp channel.  But the church is happy with the temporoy fixes that made it work until they can upgrade their system.

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Sales and Installation

If you have outgrown your current system or have a desire to make some upgrades to your current sound system, we are an authorized retailer for many pro audio brands.  And while we would love to sell you the most expensive equipment on the planet (and we can), we also understand budgets and will do our best to help you accomplish your goals in the most efficianet but also effective way possible.  When we do a significant installation (e.g. a new digital soundboard or speaker system), we ensure that the system is thoroughly dialed in, we do line checks for all instruments and vocals during a weeknight rehearsal, and we are there for the first Sunday after implementation to ensure that everything goes well and make any last minute adjustments as necessary.  You won't get that kind of service from Amazon!  

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Above:  Conducting the "Maiden Voyage" in a church with a new soundboard, new digital snake, new choir mics, new drum shield, other repairs, and a much happier congregation!

Left:  We continue studying and exposing ourselves to new technology to ensure that we will be ablke to help you with your sound system.  Here is owner, Trent Perkins getting qulified on the Allen and Heath dLive system.


Your Tech crew is literally the most important part of your sound system!  We have worked with churches with some very expensive sound systems that did not know how to effectively use them. And smaller churches are at an even bigger disadvantage.  To help with this, we created a one day Sound Seminar that starts with the basics of sound and terminology, proceeds to explore the components of a sound system starting with the source and going all the way to the listener, and then studying "mixology" where we learn about EQs compressors, gates, effects, etc.  After a break for lunch, we practice what we have learned uisng multitrack recordings. 

If you don't need a full seminar, we can also assist your team on a one on one basis.  And depending upon the size of your system, that may be more appropriate.  We look forward to enhancing your worship in any way we can. 

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Conducting a Sound Seminar.

How Much will it cost?

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Whole Hearted Productions irecognizes that all churches are not created equal when it comes to resources.  With that said, we need to be able to afford the time to be able to assist you.  We are pretty sure that at the end of the day, you WILL get your money's worth, and that your congregation will be less distracted and better able to worship Jesus when we are done.

How much will it cost?


Obviously, every project is different, but here are some general guidelines:

First Visit

Theorietically up to 30 minutes often lasts longer).  Some exceptions apply depending upon distance and nature of call.


Minimum Visit Fee

includes up to 2 hours of time


Additional Hourly rate


Mileage Charge (more than 30 miles)


(one way)